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CENTURY(HK) HOLDINGS COMPANY LTD ( MLR no. Nub 2129/2021) is a Licensed Money Lender under the Money Lenders Ordinance, Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong.  Since our establishment, Century has always been committed to fulfil the needs of our customers, and introduce quick, flexible and reliable professional loan services ranging from Personal loans services to Mortgage loan services

CENTURY(HK) HOLDINGS COMPANY LTD is a team of experienced consultants comprising professionals in the banking, financing sectors and credit agencies.  Using our practical experiences and ample financial knowledge, we will provide the optimum loans proposal to our customer to resolve our customer’s financial need as soon as possible.

放債人牌照號碼 2129/2021

MLR no.: Nub 2129/2021

忠告: 借錢梗要還,咪俾錢中介

Warning: You have to repay your loans, Don't pay any intermediaries.

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